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The Genecov Group is a diverse, family-owned company committed to the growth of Tyler, Texas and the welfare of its citizens. Its primary investing philosophy lies in acquiring oil and gas interests and commercial real estate properties in the southern region of the United States.

The Genecov Group still carries on the traditions established over 70 years ago by Aleck S. Genecov. Mr. Genecov was an oil producer, avid rancher and a real estate investor. His initial success came during the East Texas oil boom. Many of his same methods are still carried out today by the current officers of the Genecov Group -- Dennis Darryl, chairman; Ray McKinney, president; Felicity Reedy, vice president of finance; David Wilson, vice president of real estate; and John Procter, vice president of oil and gas.

The company encourages its officers and employees to utilize all tools available in a collaborative working environment where new ideas and projects are conceived. It challenges them to develop those ideas into successful ventures which maximize financial returns.

The Genecov Group owes much to its employees who are deeply dedicated to its well-being and philanthropic endeavors. The company encourages employees to become familiar with the company's shared history of ethical standards and strong, deeply ingrained core values. The company looks forward to the next 60 years with equal enthusiasm and excitement.


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